About Aeolus

What is Aeolus? 

Aeolus is an undergraduate-run, faculty-sponsored, interdisciplinary research journal housed at New College of Florida (NCF).   

Through Aeolus, students, from authors to staff and editors, participate in peer-reviewed publication aimed at connecting members of the NCF community and providing additional experiential learning opportunities by documenting and showcasing research performed by students and their mentors. We publish papers on our website and in NCF’s eMagazine Nimbe and bi-annually in the alumnae/i magazine Nimbus.

Peer-review is provided by NCF alumnae/i and qualified reviewers from neighboring institutions. 

Aeolus staff participate in a faculty-sponsored tutorial, which is led by Alyson Gamble, assistant librarian of sciences. Throughout the course of a given term, staff recruit, generate, and edit submissions for open-access publication via Scholastica (https://aeolus.scholasticahq.com/), a web-based publication platform co-developed by an NCF alumnus.

We decided to name our publication Aeolus to pay tribute to the NCF Four Winds Seal. In Greek mythology, Aeolus is the ruler of the winds. The I.M. Pei-designed Four Winds Seal is quite important to the NCF community. The narrative attached to the original seal describes the sun as a symbol of the light of knowledge and the surrounding winds as representation of the idea that NCF is not an insular institution. We feel the uniquely academic and moral focus of our college’s seal is in line with the goals of our community and our journal. 

Our journal’s logo, designed by Diana Tarazi, a Daughters for Life scholar, is a rendition of a Circos plot. Circos plots are commonly used to explore relationships of genomic data, but the goal of our journal’s logo is to represent the idea that there will be increased collaboration between various groups of the NCF community through Aeolus.

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